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DiN 5 -
Caged by Ian Boddy and Chris Carter has just had an excellent
review in the May edition of The Wire - the well respected mainstream
magazine that concentrates on all styles of modern music.

On a cursory hearing you might misjudge this as an over-scripted meeting of two Old Skools - dub and industrial - where route logic trumps roots friction. Give it gestation time, though, and the chthonic soundings of these two old souls - Chris normally partners Cosey, Boddy has been doubling himself for 13 years on his own DiN label ( not to be confused with the Berlin imprint ) - repays your attention in shades. The grid may be linear, but the mood is dank and windblown, flinty, waywardly British. Caged has a verifiable personality - 'Under-Dub', as the aptly titled closer puts it - where too much nu-skool dub just sounds like Lego-bit homage. B & C's carefully plotted hyp(g)nosis bubbles with reticences, resonances, lurches and larvae, it unearths moods beyond most modern plagiarists. Catch the way the bass-line comes in on the opener 'Concussed' - red sun splitting grey clouds - seamlessly interlacing drift/tone and beaten tracks. Subterranean drip and echo, percussion like midnight syntax tapped out on pipes - an unnerving, claustrophobic soundtrack for that Harry Lime moment when all your shadows catch up with you.

Review by Ian Penman.

Text © The Wire, Issue 195. May 2000.
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