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KZA MIX compilation 12" features Chris & Cosey's Walking Through Heaven. Mule Musiq Germany 2008
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Kenneth Anger benefit compilation CD features CarterTutti remix of 'So Slow the Knife'. Durtro UK 2008
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TYPHOON CD compilation features the C&C track 'Driving Blind', Italy. 2007
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EROTIC TRACKS/COSTUME NACIONAL CD compilation features 'Sweet Surprise' by C&C. NUN Entertainment, Italy 2007
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SLEEPWALK features the Chris & Cosey track ‘Sweet Surprise’. Domino Recordings. 2007
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INTO THE BLUE Sony/Columbia movie trailer features music by Chris Carter. 2005
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OPTIMO PRESENTS 'PSYCHE-OUT' Features 'Walking Through Heaven' by C&C. Released by NEWS Label, Belgium 2005
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THE MISSING Sony/Columbia movie trailer features music by Cosey Fanni Tutti. Released 2004
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SCHICK RAZORS Theme by Chris Carter for French cinema & television advertising campaign, 1981